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Delete Study Service. Perform scheduled deletion of Studies.



The class name of the MBean


The status of the MBean


The status of the MBean in text form


Enables deletion of Studies Series by Series to avoid failures of deletion of large studies caused by Transaction timeout. May cause partially deleted Studies, because successfully deletion of one Series cannot be reversed, when deletion of another Series of the Study failed. But the deletion of such remaining Series will be also retried according the configured #RetryIntervalsForJmsOrder.

Default Value: false


Enables deletion of Studies also from the database, if none of its instances is longer stored on any file system managed by this archive instance.
(!)Attention: will also remove only external retrieveable studies and studies archived to media from the database, so its data is no longer accessable by the DICOM Query Service and DICOM Retrieve requests can no longer be forwarded to the external Retrieve Application Entity.

Default Value: false


Enables deletion of patients without Studies, MWL, MPPS, GPWL or GPPPS entries. Only effective with activated #DeleteStudiesFromDB.

Default Value: false


Defines if an Instance Availability Notification shall be created for deleted studies to notify remote Application Entities configured in the IAN Service about changes of the Instance Availability and Retrieve AETs.

Default Value: false


Number and interval of retries made for failed JMS order, e.g., deleteStudy.
Format: Comma separated list of <number> x <interval> pairs.
The interval can be specified in seconds (##s), minutes (##m), hours (##h) or days (##d).

Example: 5x1m,10x10m
=> Retry a total of 5 times, one minute apart for each retry; then retry a total of 10 times, 10 minutes apart for each retry

Default Value: 5x1m,12x5m,24x1h,7x1d


Used internally. Do NOT modify.


Used internally. Do NOT modify.



Standard MBean lifecycle method


The start lifecycle operation


The stop lifecycle operation


The destroy lifecycle operation


The detyped lifecycle operation (for internal use only)


Schedule Delete Study Order.



The notification sent for each deleted study, used by the IAN SCU Service to notify configured remote Application Entities about changes of the Instance Availability and Retrieve AETs.

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