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TLS Configuration.




Comma separated list of protocol versions enabled for use on this connection. See #SupportedProtocols for possible values.

Default Value: TLSv1,SSLv3


Supported protocol versions by the used SSL provider. Defines possible values for #EnabledProtocols.


Set to true if client authentication is required, or false if no client authentication is desired.

Default Value: true


URL of key store containing key used in SSL handshake, when running in TLS mode.

Default Value: resource:certificates/test_sys_1.p12


The password for access to key store, specified by attribute KeyStoreURL.

Default Value: secret


URL of trust store containing accepted certificates, when running in TLS mode.

Default Value: resource:certificates/mesa_certs.jks


The password for access to trust store, specified by attribute TrustStoreURL.

Default Value: secret


Used internally - do NOT modify.

Default Value: dcm4chee.archive:service=AuditLogger


The class name of the MBean


The status of the MBean


The status of the MBean in text form



Standard MBean lifecycle method


The start lifecycle operation


The stop lifecycle operation


The destroy lifecycle operation


The detyped lifecycle operation (for internal use only)


Used internally


Used internally


Used internally


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