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Upgrade to Enhanced Multi-frame Image Service. Upgrades received Series of legacy DICOM CT/MR/PET Single-frame images to a Private DCM4CHEE Upgraded CT/MR/PET Multi-frame image, which IOD match that of a regular DICOM Enhanced CT/MR/PET Multi-frame image at maximum degree.




Directory where configuration files defining the generation of DCM4CHEE Upgraded Multi-frame images from DICOM CT, MR or PET Single-frame images are located: if XSL stylesheet upgrade-ct.xsl, upgrade-mr.xsl or upgrade-pet.xsl exists in this directory or in a sub-directory equal to the AE Title of the Storage SCU, received CT, MR or PET Series will be upgraded DCM4CHEE Upgraded CT, MR or PET Multi-frame Images according the stylesheet.
A relative path name is resolved relative to archive-install-directory/server/default/.

Default Value: conf/dcm4chee-ae


Defines, if Patient, Study and Series attributes are merged from corresponding DB records into the generated Multi-frame image, so they need not be specified in upgrade-XX.xml to be copied from the Single-frame images to the generated Multi-frame image. Attributes not specified in upgrade-XX.xml are not verified for equality of values over all source images. Therefore, skipping such attributes from upgrade-XX.xml allows the generation of the Multi-frame image even if the attribute value differs between source images.

Series Instance UID is never merged from the DB, so it can be defined by upgrade-XX.xml - including an entry for the Series Instance UID attribute or not - if the generated Multi-frame image shall be put into the same Series as the source images, or not.

Default Value: true


Defines, if the generated Multi-frame image is stored without pixel data with DICOM Transfer Syntax: No Pixel Data [Deflate].
If false, pixel data is copied from the original Single-frame images into the generated Multi-frame image.

Default Value: true


Defines, if the generated Multi-frame image is stored with DICOM Transfer Syntax No Pixel Data or No Pixel Data Deflate. Only effective, if #NoPixelData is true.

Default Value: true


Defines, if original stored Series of legacy CT/MR/PET Single-frame images are deleted after successful storage of the generated Enhanced Multi-frame Image.
(warning) Will break configured forwarding, file copy to HSM file system and Image Available Notification. Also cause loss of private attributes of legacy CT/MR/PET Single-frame images, which are not included in the generated Enhanced Multi-frame image.

Default Value: false


Size of byte buffer used for copying pixel data to generated Multi-frame image file.

Default Value: 8192


Maximum number of concurrent processed Upgrade Requests.

Default Value: 1


Used internally. Do NOT modify.


Used internally. Do NOT modify.


Used internally. Do NOT modify.


Used internally. Do NOT modify.


The class name of the MBean


The status of the MBean


The status of the MBean in text form



Standard MBean lifecycle method


The start lifecycle operation


The stop lifecycle operation


The destroy lifecycle operation


The detyped lifecycle operation (for internal use only)


Check if upgrade of stored Series is enabled


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