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IHE Integration Statement
VendorProduct NameVersionDate
dcm4che.orgdcm4chee2.16.0Jan 2011
This product implements all transactions required in the IHE Technical Framework to support the IHE Integration Profiles, Actors and Options listed below:
Integration Profiles ImplementedActors ImplementedOptions Implemented
IT Infrastructure
[PAM] Patient Administration ManagementPatient Demographics ConsumerMerge
[RID] Retrieve Information for DisplayInformation SourcePersistent Document
[PIX] Patient Identifier Cross-referencingPatient Identifier Cross-reference Consumernone
[ATNA] Audit Trail and Node AuthenticationSecure ApplicationEncryption Option

[PIR] Patient Information Reconciliation

Image Manager/ArchiveMultiple Identity Resolution
[SWF] Scheduled WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[MAWF] Mammography Acquisition WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[MAMMO] Mammography ImageImage Manager/Archivenone
[IRWF] Import Reconciliation WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[XDS-I.b] Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for ImagingDocument Consumernone
[ARI] Access to Radiology InformationReport Repositorynone
[PWF] Post-Processing WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[ED] Evidence DocumentsImage Manager/Archivenone
[KIN] Key Image NoteImage Manager/Archivenone
[RWF] Reporting WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[FUS] Image FusionImage Manager/Archivenone
[REM] Radiation Exposure MonitoringImage Manager/Archivenone
[SINR] Simple Image and Numeric ReportReport Repositorynone
[PDI] Portable Data for ImagingPortable Media CreatorWeb Content
[TCE] Teaching File and Clinical Trial ExportExport SelectorAdditional Teaching File Information
[CPI] Consistent Presentation of ImagesImage Manager/Archivenone
[NMI] Nuclear Medicine ImageImage Manager/Archivenone
[STRESS] Stress Testing WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[ECHO] Echocardiography WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[ED] Evidence DocumentsImage Manager/Archivenone
[ECG] Retrieve ECG for DisplayInformation SourcePersistent Document
[DRPT] Displayable ReportsEnterprise Report RepositoryEncapsulated Reports
[CATH] Cardiac Cath WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[ECED] Eye Care Evidence DocumentsImage Manager/Archivenone
Unknown Domain

? Performed Procedure Step Manager

Multiple Identity Resolution

? Report Manager


? PPS Exception Management

? Performed Work Status Update - Receive

? Multiple Identity Resolution

? PPS Exception Management

? Intermittently Connected Modality

? Nuclear Medicine

? Eye Care WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
? Post-Processing Managernone

? Report Managernone

? Image Manager/Archivenone

? Delay for Reason

? Export ManagerDe-identify Pixel Data

? Remap Identifiers

? Additional Teaching File Information

? Summary of All Reports

? Summary of Radiology Reports

? Summary of Cardiology Reports

? Report RepositoryDICOM Storage

Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.a)Document Consumernone
Document Repositorynone

Document Sourcenone

Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b)Document Repositorynone
Document Sourcenone

Imaging Document Consumernone

Imaging Document SourceSet of DICOM Instances

PDF Report

? Audit Record Repositorynone

Links to Standards Conformance Statements for the Implementation

HL7Not yet written

Links to general information on IHE

In North America: www.ihe.netIn Europe: www.ihe-europe.orgIn Japan:

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