dcm4che DICOM toolkit version 2.0.11 released!

Thank you to everyone who helped to resolve these issues by reporting and troubleshooting them. Your efforts are appreciated, and are essential to producing a quality product. Special thanks to Rick Riemer for the patch to resolve DCM-84.

Download, enjoy, and spread the word. (smile)

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

DCM-83 - mkvrmap does not include entries for private elements (gggg,xx00) in created serialized Element Dictionary
DCM-84 - Timer thread leak when creating multiple Devices
DCM-85 - dcm2xml -T option fails
DCM-86 - Missing entries in SpecificCharacterSet for DICOM Charset identifiers for MULTI-BYTE CHARACTER SETS WITH CODE EXTENSIONS
DCM-88 - dcmqr, dcmmwl, dcmmwl: Specify return key for SQ attribute throws java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
DCM-89 - Check for null before operating on message in DicomServiceException constructor


DCM-82 - Support DicomObject.putDouble for VR=DS
DCM-87 - dcmrcv: option -rspdelay shall not (also) delay reading of following C-STORE RQ from open association
DCM-90 - Provide methods to remove Filter and Sorting operations from HPDispaySet

Connectathon Face-to-Face Meeting

A number of dcm4che people are going to be in Chicago again in January, this time for the IHE Connectathon where dcm4che will be participating under the sponsorship of Agfa.  I'll be there as well, though not actually taking part in the Connectathon fun and games directly.  More importantly, it looks like Mr. dcm4che, Gunter himself, may be making the trip across the Atlantic for the event!

If anyone is willing and able to meet up with us on January 16th during the evening, please comment here (or respond to the post on the dcm4che-users mailing list) and indicate your interest.  We're still trying to figure out the time and place.

 -- Damien

RSNA Meeting Wrap Up

The first dcm4che user group meeting is done, thank you all for participating!

We had a total of 16 people there, representing 12 different organizations.  The meeting place was a bit noisy at first, making the roundtable discussion a little difficult, but we adapted well by breaking out into smaller, more focused discussions.  Next year we will work with RSNA to try and secure a meeting place at the show itself.

A lot of topics were discussed, and I was not a part of all of them, but I'll try to hit the highlights that I saw or spoke about at the meeting. Sorry for the lack of organization here, this is pretty much stream of thought.   There were a bunch of pictures taken by Jacques and Albert which you can browse at the bottom of the page.

There were a few dcm4che celebrities in our midst. Ray and Don from Agfa are huge supporters of the project, and work behind the scenes to continue its success and growth. In addition, Franz Tiani was there. Franz is also currently with Agfa, but in 2001 he was the CEO of Tiani (the company where Gunter worked at the time) and gave Gunter his blessing to publish dcm4che as open source. We all benefit from this visionary move on his part.

A dynamic API is desired within the DICOM toolkit to add SOP classes at runtime.

A Tools area within the dcm4che CVS tree might be nice for people to contribute to. This came up because a number of us have written utilities that are bigger than the typical utilities included with the dcm4che toolkits, but they stand alone (in other words are not a part of the dcm4chee image manager/archive).

The acquisition of a new web server for was discussed. Ray mentioned that some people at Agfa were discussing this, and Franz mentioned that he would volunteer to lead this effort.

We all agreed that a higher level API for working with DICOM objects would be a good thing at some point. The dcm4che2-iod module is a step in the right direction, although people weren't quite sure how to use it because of the lack of examples and documentation.

The Agfa representatives outlined some of their plans for dcm4che. I'm not quite sure about how public this information is, so I'll leave it at that for now. One thing that I will say is that the proprietary work that they do is done outside of dcm4che/dcm4chee, and enabled through standard APIs, as well as custom extension points. These extension points exist for others to take advantage of as well. Work that they do that is based on public standards generally goes directly into dcm4che/dcm4chee through code committed by Gunter, Willi, Fang, and Dave (others?). They also freely contribute unit tests, which is much appreciated.

One question that has been asked to me many times is whether or not there are plans to offer service, support, consulting, and training for the dcm4che products. This is something that has been talked about at Agfa, but there are no plans to do so at this time. Some of the people at the meeting brought up the possibility of starting a company to do this. That is an interesting topic, but nobody really has the ability to do so in the short term. I personally feel that this will happen at some point, whether it is Agfa or another organization that does it, only time will tell.

One thing is assured regarding the future of the product. It will continue to exist in open source. The code base and community resources will not be absorbed by Agfa, TeraMedica, or any other organization that I know of. Gunter wouldn't allow it, and I'm of the same opinion as him. Having high quality, standards compliant, FOSS healthcare IT products is a Good Thing for the industry, and a Good Thing for patient care.

The obligatory topic of an image viewer came up in conversation as well. There is a module under development (which will likely be released within dcm4chee soon) which will allow users to run image viewing applets directly within the product. As I understand it, a launch page will be deployed with the system. You can then configure in your DICOM viewer applet of choice (ImageJ or whatever). That is something that has been asked for by many users. In addition to this, Don talked about a project that was starting up which would provide reference quality images through HTTP using no plugins. Using AJAX and Web standards (XHTML, CSS, etc.) this is envisioned to be something like a referring physician portal for image viewing. I'm not sure whether or not this will be open sourced within dcm4che or not though. Of course it would be nice if it were. I'll check on it.

The ImageIO implementation for dcm4che2 will be released shortly, enabling compression/decompression with the newer (and better) version of the toolkit.

Claudio and his crew in Italy are doing some really interesting things with XDS and XDS-I and dcm4chee in a production setting, that I hope they can document at some point as a case study.

A request was made of TeraMedica to lend some expertise to implement more flexible storage management under the covers of dcm4chee. Items such as advanced retention rules, lifecycle management, and distribution algorithms for storage were mentioned. I can't commit to anything on that regard, but will talk to my management about it.

It would be nice to allow for external authentication into dcm4chee. If, for example, users configured into an Active Directory service, dcm4chee would be able to acccess that service for authentication and authorization. Other security-related topics were discussed, but I didn't hear the rest of it.

Agfa was successfully using dcm4chee in the IHE Image Sharing Demonstration at RSNA. Ths success should come as no surprise to those that know the software, but it is good to see it achieving this type of validation in such a public setting. Congratulations to Jack, Ray and others that worked on the preparations for the demonstration.

I was asked a couple of times how people could get involved in the project, so I created this wiki page

It was very apparent at the meeting that there is a true dcm4che community.  It is alive and well, and demonstrated by those in attendance. dcm4chee, and dcm4che-based products are deployed in production settings all over the world. Congratulations to those of you who have done so, and thank you for your participation in the community. Regardless of how you are using the products, it was fantastic to meet you all.

A very, very special thank you goes to Agfa and the individuals representing Agfa (Don, Ray, and Franz).  Agfa provides a lot of funding and resources for the dcm4che project, and they picked up the tab at the bar.     They have a good track record with open source, supporting at least a couple of open source efforts; dcm4che obviously, along with the DICOM Validation Toolkit (DVTK). Thank you very much for everything!

Thanks to my company TeraMedica as well for supporting my involvement in dcm4che. We plan to continue expanding our involvement with dcm4che as time goes on.

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RSNA Meeting Time Change

We're now meeting from 3:00 - 6:00.

See here for the details.

dcm4chee 2.10.7 Release Notes

A little late on the new version notices, but here it is...

Since the last notice posted on the wiki, there have been two new releases of dcm4chee - 2.10.6 and 2.10.7. These are primarily maintenance releases addressing a number of issues seen by users and discovered in testing, as well as enhancements to existing features. The releases also contain the following new features:

  • Addition of an administrative method for the updating of file system availability
  • The ability to archive series instances as a single tar file.

For more information, please see the release notes.

As always the new releases may be downloaded from SourceForge, which has revamped it's download page to be more user friendly.


Important Update Notice - dcm4chee 2.10.4

A new release (2.10.4) of the dcm4chee archive has been released in order to address some serious bugs that were discovered in the 2.10.x releases.  In particular:

  • DCMEE-75 - Failed to load attribute filter cfg (dcm4chee-attribute-filter.xml)
  • DCMEE-78 - MBean Attributes with multiline values are rendered in single line text field in JMX MBean View

If you already applied the DB update script for v2.10.2 or v2.10.3 there is no need to adjust the DB schema again.

Database Update Information

If you already applied the DB update script for v2.10.2 or v2.10.3 there is no need to adjust the DB schema again. If you are upgrading from a version previous to 2.10.2, see the last product release announcement for more information.

Be Careful

As always, before modifying your database or updating the system, make a backup and thoroughly test the new release before rolling it into production!

See the change log below. The identifiers (DCMEE-75 for example) refer to the dcm4che JIRA issue id. Feel free to search/browse JIRA if you want more information on a specific item, or post questions to the dcm4che user forum or mailing list.

Changes to v2.10.3:


  • DCMEE-75 - Failed to load attribute filter cfg (dcm4chee-attribute-filter.xml)
  • DCMEE-76 - org/dcm4chex/archive/util/*.class included in lib/dcm4chee-ejb-client.jar and dcm4chee-ejb-<db>.jar
  • DCMEE-78 - MBean Attributes with multiline values are rendered in single line text field in JMX MBean View
  • DCMEE-80 - upgrade script for 2.10 for DB2 fails
  • DCMEE-81 - Teaching File Export Manager only process first Export Selection Manifest of one Study
  • DCMEE-83 - Study Content Notification emitted by IANSCU references the same object multiple times
  • DCMEE-84 - IANSCU may emit IAN/SCN's for received Series multiple times
  • DCMEE-86 - Missing "Add Series" icon/link in Web Folder


  • DCMEE-24 - dcmcdw: Put newest Study on first Media
  • DCMEE-77 - StoreSCP: Check if mkdirs for file storage fails, to improve error logging.
  • DCMEE-85 - ExportManager: Use private Manifest Document Title: "For Media Export" instead "For Patient" to initiate PDI Media Creation


  • DCMEE-79 - Prepare and document entries in conf/dcm4chee-tce.conf for MESA tests
  • DCMEE-82 - CDW: Adjust standalone distribution package for dcm4chee-cdw to JBoss 4.0.4.GA
New version of the dcm4che14 toolkit...

In addition to the new release of the dcm4chee archive, version 1.4.4 of the 1.x series DICOM toolkit has been released.

This version addresses some issues with TLS (transport layer security) and compression using alternate (to what is included with the product) compression libraries.

See the release notes here, or directly in JIRA.

Version 1.4.4 of the dcm4che DICOM toolkit can be downloaded from the SourceForge project page.

dcm4chee 2.10.3 has been released!

dcm4chee Archive Release

Version 2.10.3 of the dcm4chee archive was recently released.  Download it from the SourceForge project page.  This is a maintenance release which also contains a few infrastructure upgrades, and new features/enhancements.

Database Update

This update (from 2.9.5) requires a database update. See <dcm4chee_home>/sql/update-2.10.xxxx for the database update script. If you already applied the DB update script for dcm4chee v2.10.2 there is no need to adjust the DB schema again.

You should directly update your installation from v2.9.5 to v2.10.3. You do not need to update your system to v2.10.2 before going to v2.10.3.

Be Careful

As always, before modifying your database or updating the system, make a backup and thoroughly test the new release before rolling it into production!

See the change log below. The identifiers (DCMEE-1 for example) refer to the dcm4che JIRA issue id. Feel free to search/browse JIRA if you want more information on a specific item, or post questions to the dcm4che user forum or mailing list.


  • [DCMEE-1] - Deletion of Studies (or other entities) from Web Interface is broken in Oracle version
  • [DCMEE-7] - Storage of Objects with equal values for Study and Series Instance UIDs fails
  • [DCMEE-10] - Update script for MS SQL Server 2005 fails
  • [DCMEE-23] - error in psql script
  • [DCMEE-29] - C-MOVE SCP returns Processing Failure (0101H) instead Unable To Process (CxxxH) error status
  • [DCMEE-30] - C-MOVE SCP returns Warning Status Sub-operations Complete - One or more Failures (B000H) even if all Sub-operation failed
  • [DCMEE-33] - SQL (caused by the web interface) fails on DB2 with SQLCODE: -270 RC 63
  • [DCMEE-34] - Failed to store KeyObjectSelectionDocument
  • [DCMEE-36] - SQL error: incompatible operator arguments
  • [DCMEE-45] - Manual Link of unscheduled MPPS to MWL items broken
  • [DCMEE-46] - Missing Windows Service Launcher bin/JavaService.exe in distribution package
  • [DCMEE-50] - C-FIND with RequestAttributesSeq and RequestingService as matching criteria failed.
  • [DCMEE-53] - Detail view of Audit Records fails in MySQL version
  • [DCMEE-57] - adjustExpectedDataVolumnePerDay triggers FinderException, if no object were received during last 24 hours
  • [DCMEE-60] - Broken Audit Record Repository in PostgreSQL version
  • [DCMEE-62] - Free disk space fails
  • [DCMEE-64] - Change HL7 logging category
  • [DCMEE-66] - MWL MPPS linking with multible MPPS is broken.
  • [DCMEE-73] - w/o studies option in Web Folder cannot be deactivated


  • [DCMEE-2] - ORU Service shall accept ORU^R01 with missing Study Instance UID information
  • [DCMEE-3] - ORU Service shall query for Studies with matching Accession Number
  • [DCMEE-4] - Replace \H\, \N\, \.br\ in report text in ORU^R01 by CR+LF for text value of generated SR Document
  • [DCMEE-11] - Make HL7Receiver robust concerning duplicate segment delimiters im HL7 messages
  • [DCMEE-13] - Accept alternative ADT Patient Merge messages to ADT^A40
  • [DCMEE-14] - Extend sample attribute filters with Request Attributes
  • [DCMEE-15] - Extend MPPS Emulator Service to use SPS ID in received object for MWL lookup or to disable MWL lookup at all
  • [DCMEE-16] - Remove Request Attributes from attribute filters
  • [DCMEE-17] - Provide possibility to query MWL also for entries with status IN PROGRESS, DISCONTINUED, COMPLETED
  • [DCMEE-22] - Support Requesting Service and Requesting Physician as matching key by Query/Retrieve SCP
  • [DCMEE-24] - dcmcdw: Put newest Study on first Media
  • [DCMEE-27] - Use df -kP for evaluation of free diskspace on Unix Platforms
  • [DCMEE-35] - DICOM Query with multivalues.
  • [DCMEE-37] - QueryRetrieveScp: return Warning Pending Status FF01, if matching of provided key is not supported
  • [DCMEE-38] - MWLFindScp: return Warning Pending Status FF01, if matching of provided key is not supported
  • [DCMEE-40] - QueryRetrieveSCP: Support Issuer of Patient ID (0010,0021) as matching key
  • [DCMEE-41] - MWLSCP: Support Issuer of Patient ID (0010,0021) as matching key
  • [DCMEE-47] - MPPSEmulator: Create unscheduled MPPS for Series without Request Attribute Sequence Item(s)
  • [DCMEE-55] - Use JDBCOracleSequenceCreateCommand instead JDBCOracleCreateCommand as keygenerator for Oracle
  • [DCMEE-65] - Update series and study attributes with MWL attributes after manual MPPS-MWL linking (web).
  • [DCMEE-67] - MWLSCP: return MWL items of ANY status, if no particular status is specified in the C-FIND RQ identifier
  • [DCMEE-70] - Change status values of 'Scheduled Procedure Step Status' as described in DICOM Correction Item CP-651.
  • [DCMEE-74] - Rely for dcm4chee-arr-3 on table auto creation/update by Hibenate - do no create it in the DDL for dcm4chee-2

New Feature

  • [DCMEE-18] - Merge MWL attributes into received Composite Object


  • [DCMEE-8] - Upgrade to JBoss-4.0.4GA
  • [DCMEE-19] - MPPSEmulator no longer need to support MWL query and Patient Merge
  • [DCMEE-51] - Build without use of patch
  • [DCMEE-54] - Use IDENTITY column instead separate sequence for each table for DB2 version
  • [DCMEE-58] - Integration with dcm4che-arr-3.x

dcm4che Toolkit Release 

Details on the dcm4che Meeting at RSNA!

(star)  Meet with dcm4che users, sponsors, and at least one of the developers (wink) during the RSNA event in Chicago!  (star)

As noted in the original news posting, a few of us are going to get together during RSNA to talk about dcm4che and industry related topics.  There is no formal agenda, but some things that I have been thinking about as discussion topics are:

  • Meet and introduce everyone
  • How is dcm4che/dcm4chee being used at your organization?
  • Do you have any issues, or commendations that you'd like to share?
  • What would you like to see in future releases?
  • What is the future vision for dcm4che/dcm4chee.
    • I'll talk to Gunter beforehand to get his thoughts on this topic.
  • Anything else?  Feel free to add to this list!!!

If you haven't signed up yet, please do! I need to know how many people will be there so that I can make the appropriate arrangements.

Where and When

Date: November 28th
Time: 3:00 - 6:00
Location: Timothy O'Toole's, 622 N. Fairbanks Ct., 312-642-0700

dcm4che 2.0.7 has been released!

A new version of the dcm4che-2.x toolkit has been released! 

Download version 2.0.7 here:

See the changes from 2.0.6 --> 2.0.7 here:

dcm4che 1.4.3 and dcm4chee 2.9.5 Released!

dcm4che 1.4.3 and dcm4chee 2.9.5 have been released to the SourceForge Files download page.

You can download these new releases from here:

The change log for dcm4che 1.4.3 can be found here:

The change log for dcm4chee 2.9.5 can be found here:

dcm4che RSNA Meet-up

RSNA is coming up at the end of November.  Since Chicago is a common destination for many medical imaging people during the last week of November, I'd like to propose getting together.  It would be cool to get to know the dcm4che user and developer community.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in attending?  If so, leave a comment here on this page.