This page is obsolete, please go to the new Weasis website

Translating Weasis Plug-ins

The translation files are now hosted and managed on Transifex website. Get an account at Transifex and help translating to your language! If your language is missing, just head over to Transifex and request a new language.

Text length

The translations for many languages frequently exceed the length of the corresponding English source. It could be a problem for the layout of graphical components (e.g. buttons).

Special characters

Some characters representing values (%d, %s), new line (\n) and html tags must not be translated. For other translating recommendations, see Transifex help.

For special words or particular contexts look at the "Instructions" text box (gives explanations or definitions).

Building Weasis-i18n

weasis-i18n is the internationalization project of Weasis. As a separate project, it can have its own release cycle. The fragments of plug-ins (OSGI concept) contain only the translation files which are merged during runtime to the application.

That means the weasis-i18n.war file can be deployed at any time. The plug-in translation will be updated by Weasis only if the timestamp number has changed. This timestamp is set during the build phase described below.

Additional projects to obtain a full translation of Weasis

java-swing-dialogs translations must be updated manually in the weasis-launcher module and docking-frames translations must be packaged with the library.


  1. JDK 6 or higher (Sun or OpenJDK)
  2. Maven 2.2 or higher (

    If your computer is behind a proxy server, configure maven.

  3. Git (or directly download source from gitub), one of the following client:
    • CLI on Linux or Mac OS X -  Install git-core package
    • Windows - Tortoise Git - (When installing msysgit be sure to choose Unix style line endings)
    • Eclipse - Install egit

Getting the Source

To clone the repository, first install GIT and either clone using a graphical GIT client (such as Tortoise Git) or directly from the command line using the command:

git clone git://

This command will copy the current development code (the "master" branch) into a local directory named weasis-i18n.
Note: Sources can also be browsed online or download as a zip file.

Build the distribution

  • Go in the weasis-i18n directory, Compile and install all the plug-ins in the local Maven repository
mvn clean install -Dtransifex.credential=<"username:password">

All of the API calls on Transifex require the user to be authenticated. So the value "username:password" must be replaced by your credential, see how to create an account.
Command with proxy server:
mvn clean install -DproxySet=true -DproxyHost=<host> -DproxyPort=<port> -Dtransifex.credential=<"username:password">

Old versions

Get the GIT branch 1.2.x of weasis-i18n and build the package of

The distribution files are located in the weasis-i18n-dist/target/dist folder. weasis-i18n.war must be placed in the same base context as weasis.war (if in other web context, the value of the property weasis.i18n in JNLP file must be adapted).

To update translation packs in weasis-portable, unzip and replace files in weasis-portable/weasis/bundle-i18n/.

Note: weasis-launcher-i18n cannot not be updated dynamically. It must be imported in the Weasis source (weasis-launcher).