This page is obsolete, please go to the new Weasis website

DICOM Samples

Here is a list of DICOM samples for testing viewer capabilities.

How to launch Weasis

To display the DICOM samples in this page, you need a recent version of Java installed on your system.

Two possible ways of launching Weasis:

  1. Clicking on the link will return a jnlp file that need to be execute (double click on the file) from the download folder.
  2. will open directly Weasis (version 2.x) with the new jnlp protocol (needs a jnlp handler)

Registration of jnlp handler is available in Oracle Java Runtime installer from JRE 8_111 and in the Java 9 installer.

    • On Windows, it works out of box
    • On Mac OS X, it could be necessary to run once Java Webstart to register the jnlp handler (/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Resources/
    • On Linux, a configuration is required

Naming convention

  • Patient name starting with "TEST^" and then the general test purpose. "TEST-i18n-" prefix is for internationalization test.
  • In study description: test description
  • In series description: test description

Loading images

The demo server is on free cloud system, so sometime it requires to launch two times the viewer because the server has to wake up (is turned "idle" after a period of inactivity).

Internationalized character test

Pixel depth (from 9-bit to 16-bit)

(lightbulb) Should always render the same image.


Photometric Interpretation

Pixel Spacing

(lightbulb) Select the view and press 'd' to draw line

Pixel Padding Value

(lightbulb) Show or hide from the "Display" right panel.

Non square pixels

(lightbulb) Stretch or shrink the image according the "pixel spacing" or "pixel aspect ratio" field.


(lightbulb) Show or hide from the "Display" right panel.

Modality LUT

(lightbulb) Should always render the same image.


(lightbulb) Can be changed in the "Image Tool" right panel.


(lightbulb) Show or hide from the "Display" right panel.


(lightbulb) Open by the default PDF viewer of the operating system.

DICOM video

(lightbulb) Open by the default viewer (associated to the video mime type) of the operating system.

DICOM Audio (AU) 

(lightbulb) Open by the embedded Java Audio Player.

DICOM floating point pixel data

DICOM Structured Report (SR)

DICOM Presentation State (PR, GSPS)

(lightbulb) Click on the right icon to select the Presentation State. Show or hide graphic layers from the "Display" right panel.

DICOM Key Object Selection (KO)

(lightbulb) Click on the right icon to select the Key Object Selection. Click on the star icon (or press 'k') to create in a new KO or to add the key image.