This page is obsolete, please go to the new Weasis website

Building weasis-pacs-connector

These instructions describe how to build weasis-pacs-connector directly from the Git repository on any platform. The weasis-pacs-connector component allows to launch Weasis from the new dcm4che-web3 interface or from any WEB context. This component can also be used with any PACS supporting WADO transfer protocol.


  1. JDK 8 or higher (Sun or OpenJDK)
  2. Maven 3 or higher (

    If your computer is behind a proxy server, configure maven.
    For running Java 7, select the branch 6.x

Getting the Source

To clone the repository, first install GIT and either clone using a graphical GIT client (such as Tortoise Git) or directly from the command line using the command:

git clone git://

Note: Sources can also be browsed online

Building weasis-pacs-connector.war

cd weasis-pacs-connector
mvn clean package

Overriding the default configuration

Without logger

Use the loggerless profile for web application container which already embeds slf4j and log4j (like JBoss):

mvn clean package -Ploggerless