This page is obsolete, please go to the new Weasis website

Building Weasis from source

These instructions describe how to build Weasis directly from the Git repository on any platform. For building Weasis from an IDE, see Plug-in Development Guidelines.


  1. JDK 8 or higher (Sun or OpenJDK)
  2. Maven 3 or higher (

    If your computer is behind a proxy server, configure maven.

  3. Git (or directly download source from github)

Getting the Source

To clone the repository, first install GIT and either clone using a graphical GIT client or directly from the command line using the command:

git clone

This command will copy the current development code (the "master" branch) into a local directory named Weasis.

Note: Sources can also be browsed online or download as a zip file.

The trunk is not a stable version and snapshot version is not retained in cache for the web distribution (it means the files will be every times downloaded)

Check out a tag version to build a stable version, see tag list.

git checkout <TAG_NAME>

Building all Plug-ins

  • Go in the Weasis directory, Compile and install all the plug-ins in the local Maven repository
mvn clean install

Building Weasis Distributions

  • Requires to install all the plug-ins in the local Maven repository (see above Building all Plug-ins).

    cd weasis-distributions
    mvn clean package

    pack200 compression

    From 1.1.2 it is possible to use the compression pack200 that reduces jar size considerably. Note: it is recommended to use the Oracle jdk with this option (openjdk can throw packging errors).

    mvn clean package -P pack200

    For the WEB distribution

    For using Weasis through Java Webstart, it is required to sign jar files with your own certificate (by replacing values in the command below by your own values). A trust-worthy certificate from a certificate authority is now required to run Java Web Start applications. A self signed certificate generate by keytool will always display a security warning message.
    The parameters must be placed in the maven user setting or has to be the options in the Maven command:

    mvn clean package -Djarsigner.alias="your_alias" -Djarsigner.storepass="your_pwd" -Djarsigner.keystore="your_path/keystore"
  • Add the "-Dportable=true" option for building the portable distribution (cdrom or removable device).

    mvn clean package -Dportable=true

    Single instance for Windows executable (from version 2.0)

    To disable single instance in portable version, set windowsName property empty. By default, Windows executable is a single instance application.

    mvn clean package -Dportable=true -DwindowsName=

    Possible issue

    On 64-bit system, it requires to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries to build the windows executable. On Linux you need to install ia32-libs package.
    Do not place the sources in a path that contains directories with blanks or national characters, the compilation of the win32 executable can fail.

  • The distribution files are located in:
    • target/web_dist/
    • target/portable-dist/