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Get Involved!

Report Bugs and Enhancements

First, search the JIRA system, the forum and/or the Wiki to see if your problem has not been reported yet.

Only then, fill a bug with the most details:

  1. For categorizing the issue, select the appropriate type:
    • Bug: a bug, anything that does not work as expected
    • Improvement: an enhancement over an existing feature
    • New Feature: a new feature
    • Task: everything else, something that needs to be done
  2. Use the short summary field to describe the main goal of your issue.
  3. Select the appropriate field:
    • Priority, for asserting the importance of a issue
    • Affects Version of Weasis
  4. Describe the application basic context (OS, JRE version, ...).
  5. Provide code examples, use cases and/or steps to reproduce the problem.

Become a Committer

  • Become a committer on an existing project or on one of the incubating projects. Commit access requests must be sent to Former user (Deleted).

Share Your Knowledge

  • Contribute your knowledge to the Wiki.
  • Localization: Help translate Weasis into other languages.
  • Help other users on the forum.