How to add support for new languages


  • Create a new language file copying the base content from Bundle.js and update the equivalent language content.

  • Copy this new file with locale_id as the suffix, for eg. “Bundle_ta_IN.js” under Oviyam2/js/i18n folder.

  • Add this new language file information like country, language and locale ID in oviyam2/WEB-INF/classes/conf/oviyam2-7-config.xml configuration file under languages section.

The locale id and bundle suffix should match. Eg. locale id “ta_IN” for “Bundle_ta_IN.js”.


<language> <lang>Tamil</lang> <country>India</country> <localeID>ta_IN</localeID> <selected>false</selected> </language>
  • Rebuild the war file and deploy it in JBoss/Tomcat deploy folder.

  • The newly added language file will be processed and shown in the languages list in Oviyam’s - Settings - Preferences Page.