Launching Oviyam from other programs

Sometimes it is desirable to launch Oviyam from another program directly into a study or series. It is possible with a specially formulated URL.

To launch a study "http://dcm4chee_ip:8080/oviyam/oviyam?patientID=<patientid>&studyUID=<studyUID>"

patientID is an optional parameter from release 0.7

"http://dcm4chee_ip:8080/oviyam/oviyam?studyUID=<studyUID>" will produce the same results as the above URL

For a series within a study "http:/dcm4chee_ip:8080/oviyam/oviyam?studyUID=<studyUID>&seriesUID=<seriesUID>"

When Oviyam is launched in this manner, you will not have the options to view the patient list or generate a new query.

Also see: Bypassing the Query screen