Oviyam Release Notes

Current Version : Oviyam - Version 2.8.2 - Feb 21, 2022

Bug Fixes 
  • OV-241 Accession Number filter in direct URL launching is not working
  • OV-243 Image loading takes longer time to respond on series layout selection
  • OV-244 Scrolling is not working in image tiling layout
  • OV-249 Some functionalities in viewer page are not working when Oviyam is embedded into an another web application using iframe tag


  • OV-242 Option to disable/enable guideline window shown during pan/zoom operation
  • OV-246 Showing suitable error/exception page instead of a blank page when there is no matching patient study found in direct URL launching
  • OV-248 Minor bug fixes and UI enhancements
  • OV-250 On windowing changes - Prefetch other images (WADO) of the series in the background applying changed windowing values

New Feature

  • OV-245 Option to load only selected series of a study and other series on demand in viewer

Oviyam - Version 2.8.1


  • OV-240 After using the Cobb's angle tool, other measurement tools requires multiple clicks to select
  • OV-237 Unable to reposition or extend angle measurement drawn
  • OV-234 Series list context menu on image is not shown


  • OV-238 Provision to enable/disable windowing tool selection on load
  • OV-236 Retrieving pixel data progress bar shown on the center of the image may be moved out of the image box
  • OV-235 Expand/adjust series pane length dynamically to improve series list visibility when there is no archived studies available for that patient

Version : Oviyam 2.8 - Final Release - March 2, 2021

Bug Fixes 
  • [OV-221] - UI - Series failed to load in multi-layout when selecting another series from series pane in Firefox
  • [OV-232] - Applying tools Invert, Zoom..etc after windowing resets image into black
New Features
  • [OV-224] - Cobb Angle - New measurement tool
  • [OV-225] - Magnifying Glass - New Tool
  • [OV-226] - Probe - New tool
  • [OV-231] - Group archived studies of the selected patient in modality wise in series split pane
  • [OV-223] - Windowing change action has to be preserved and applied automatically when the user attempts it for the first time before loading the pixel data
  • [OV-227] - Select windowing tool by default on load
  • [OV-228] - Do not reset tools while loading another series
  • [OV-229] - Improvements in background data fetching and image loading to reduce the delay in tools application
  • [OV-233] - Minor UI improvements

Version: Oviyam 2.5 Final Release - 31 May 2017

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-173 : Lung window - Incorrect preset value assigned.
  • OV-175 : Measurement unit should be in pixels if the image attributes are unavailable in the dataset.
  • OV-174 : Windowing - Apply windowing changes to all the images of the series by default.
  • OV-176 : CLONE - Windowing - Apply windowing changes to all the images of the series by default.
  • OV-177 : Add a context menu item for deleting a single measurement selected.
  • OV-172 : Oviyam ignores (0018,1164) ImagerPixelSpacing tag.

Previous Version: Oviyam 2.4 Final Release - 05 October 2016

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-165 : Add support for PNG image type in WADO retrieval. Enhancements
  • OV-166 : Image navigation slider UI improvements. * [OV-167] Study Comparison - Add download invoker for archived studies.
  • OV-168 : Display both study and series time in same format (12 or 24 hours). Bug Fixes.
  • OV-163 : Patient name is not encoded in UTF-8 while launching viewer with direct URL.
  • OV-164 : For some selected studies, image navigation doesn't move to the next image as expected.
  • OV-170 : Unable to collapse the expanded series information in query result list.

Previous Version: Oviyam 2.2 Final Release - 19 September 2015

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-135 : Constant value "4096" is used as a max size for the Windowing lookup table array, which should be dynamically calculated based on the DICOM tag value "High Bit"
  • OV-136 : Windowing adjustment is not working for 8 bit images
  • OV-137 : C-MOVE/C-GET retrieve types fails to show images when deployed in Tomcat server
  • OV-138 : Embed viewer inside another web application's iframe
  • OV-139 : Some images are inverted when windowing applied
  • OV-142 : Query/Retrieve not working in Apache Tomcat server - version 8
  • OV-146 : HU values displayed were incorrect
  • OV-134 : Multilingual - Support to Japanese language
  • OV-141 : Provision to show image in actual resolution
  • OV-143 : Show multiframe images as separate series
  • OV-144 : Add thumbnail preview to indicate current portion of the image displayed
  • OV-147 : Add support for ECG waveforms
  • OV-148 : Progress indication for retrieval of pixel data on windowing/measurements
  • OV-149 : Angle Measurement
  • OV-150 : Re-positioning measurement text boxes and dashed reference lines from related annotations
  • OV-151 : Progress indication for image/data retrieval through thumbnail identification labels
  • OV-152 : Add provision to compare the studies of a patient

Previous Version: Oviyam 2.1 Final Release - 23 July 2014

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-128 ; Change the UI theme to match Mayam UI
  • OV-129 : Remove Browser Offline Viewing Functionality
  • OV-130 : Preview mode of the studies queried should be user preferable

Previous Version: Oviyam 2.0 Final Release (Rev18247) - 31 August 2013

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-118 : Login page needs to refresh after entering username and password
  • OV-124 : Different study was loaded while click on Series row
  • OV-125 : Measurement values differs before and after zoom
  • OV-119 : When a series is loaded, save all JPEG images of the series in to local filesystem

  • OV-84   : Annotations

  • OV-116 : Configurable iOviyam 2.0 context name

  • OV-117 : Make PatientID as optional parameter in direct URL launch

  • OV-121 : Opening more then one patient data.

Previous Version: Oviyam 0.9.1 Final Release - 14 January 2011

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-63   : Support for viewing videos within Oviyam.
  • OV-90   : SR Viewing does not renter immediately - Resolved.
  • OV-92   : ERROR [DcmImage] Unable to read and write the image from an particular IP - Fixed.
  • OV-93   : Displaying wrong Patient's name when a study list has been selected (+) in the patient list - Fixed.
  • OV-94   : Update dcm4che jar files to latest versions.
  • OV-95   : Add Eclipse project/class path files.
  • OV-96   : Oviyam issues malformed WADO request and causes OutOfMemory exception - Fixed.
  • OV-97   : Display Version Number - Added.
  • OV-98   : SVG implementation broken, Affects measurement tools - Fixed.
  • OV-99   : Measurement tool and pixel spacing can become out of sync - Fixed.
  • OV-100 : Loading a SR causes multiple exceptions - Resolved.
  • OV-101 : Display UTF-8 DICOM data correctly - Fixed.
  • OV-102 : Reading encapsulated PDF DICOM objects - Added.

Previous Version: Oviyam 0.9 Final Release (Rev13641) - 29 June 2010

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-23 : Adding measurement tools - So far "Line measurement" tool has been added**
  • OV-74 : Window Level params should be put into user session rather than servlet context
  • OV-80 : Support to run multiple instance of Oviyam on a single server with separate configurations
  • OV-81 : Higher "rows" size images are retrieved for thumbnail pane, while main image is loaded with lesser "rows" size

Great work by Jeffrey Miller in adding line measurement to OV-23. This code will be the foundation for additional measurements and annotations in future.

Previous version (Oviyam 0.9 R2 (Rev12981)) - 20 March 2010

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-45 : IE6 Support
  • OV-57 : Windows & Level tool won't work in Internet Explorere 6 & 7
  • OV-58 : Move Tool won't work in IE.
  • OV-66 : Restriction of image bitmaps to 512 pixel-row resolution introduced in 0.8 leads to pixellation/image quality degradation of plain film images.
  • OV-68 : Search with Date of Birth is not working.
  • OV-69 : Speed slider for multi-frame images does not work.
  • OV-70 : DICOM Info Tool results empty for Multiframe instances.
  • OV-71 : Support HTTP POST
  • OV-72 : Improvements to DcmWindowLevel.java
  • OV-73 : Avoid duplicate server requests..

Thanks to Justin for code / patch submissions on OV-45, OV-71 & OV-72

Previous version (Oviyam 0.9) - 22 January 2010

Bug fixes / feature improvements:

  • OV-6 : Patient List - Header should remain at the top when scrolling.
  • OV-21 : DICOM SR
  • OV-40 : Support Display of KO series.
  • OV-51 : Angios retrieved using Oviyam 0.8, the individual runs are in reverse chronological order.
  • OV-53 : Search screen is displayed, when "Preset" option from "Tools" is clicked.
  • OV-55 : Oviyam losts their configuration on every reboot.
  • OV-60 : US Multi-frame instances are not supported.
  • OV-61 : Tools - DICOM Info Panel display issues.
  • OV-62 : Keyboard shortcut for moving to next/previous images int the series - not working in Safari and IE.
  • OV-63 : Support for viewing videos within Oviyam*
  • OV-66 : Restriction of image bitmaps to 512 pixel - row resolution introduced in 0.8 leads to pixellation/image quality degradation of plain film images.

To view DICOM MPEG2 Videos, the VLC plugin has to be installed for your browser. On Windows, select the browser plugin while installing VLC. If you already have VLC installed - reinstall it. On Mac OS X the browser plugin is a separate download

This version of Oviyam will work with the latest beta release of OsiriX too

Previous version (Oviyam 0.8 R12) - 02 May 2009

Bug Fixes

  • OV-48 - Additional query parameters for launching Oviyam from other programs. Specially using the Accession number.
  • OV-49 - Issues loading Oviyam with study context.
  • OV-50 - Javascript error when changing background color before selecting a study.
  • OV-52 - WL/WW and Move operation shouldn't be triggered together.

Previous version (Oviyam 0.8 R1) - 26 March 2009

New & improved in this release

  • WL/WW values used to generate the JPEG image are displayed on the screen.
  • WL/WW can be changed with mouse operation like Xero.
  • WL/WW Presets for Chest /Abdomen/Pelvis, Lung, Brain, Bone and Head/Neck (OV-24).
  • WL/WW values can be manually entered.

Bug Fixes

  • Studies containing empty "Referring Physician Name" were not shown in the patient's list.
  • Multi - Modality studies were not listed and shown as single modality in the patient list.
  • Patient Information was not displayed in the viewer, when direct URL is used.
  • Multi-frame XA studies view was broken in the 0.7 release.
  • Multi-frame objects are no longer expanded as a instance.
  • Studies with Special Characters in the patient's name could not be opened or viewed.
  • Series with duplicate series numbers could not be opened.


As is obvious, the focus of this release has been Window Level & Window Width manipulations since this was a frequently asked for feature.

For performance & bandwidth reasons we had to make the following compromises.

  • Oviyam retrieves a new image only on mouse button up, based on the delta of mouse movement, not on mouse move as in Xero. In plain words, Oviyam fetches a new JPEG image with the changed WL/WW only after the mouse button is released, based on the distance the mouse button has been clicked and moved. Xero continuously fetches new JPEG images as the mouse is clicked and moved over the image.
  • DICOM images larger than 1024 pixels in width are proportionately scaled down to 1024 pixel width.

At present we're using the standard WADO service of dcm4chee. Bill has implemented a faster and more optimized version called WADO2 in his Xero project which we would like to move to in future.

Thanks to Justin who contributed code from one of his projects for WL/WW presets.

Previous version (Oviyam 0.7 ß4) - 05 April 2008

New & improved in this release

  • Support for DICOM multiframe objects
  • Support for DICOM Structured Reports (SR)
  • Use the mouse wheel to navigate back and front between images

Bug fixes

  • General bug fixes

Previous version (Oviyam 0.7 ß3) - 29 March 2008

What's new in this version compared to previous version


  • Query logic has been rewritten & optimised for speed. Significant speed up has been acheived
  • New screens iPhone / iPod touch

New & improved in this release

  • Query screen - Date picker added
  • Query screen - Warning given for large data sets (When all/all is selected)
  • Query URL - to bypass the initial query screen
  • Patient List - Sort order can be changed by clicking on header
  • DICOM Attributes can be viewed for the current image
  • A C-ECHO is made at load time to verify that the DICOM Configuration is valid
  • Support for all the values in org.dcm4che.util.DcmProtocol (TLS, etc)
  • Patient name has been added to the Browser window title
  • Text colour changed to amber to reduce eyestrain
  • Thumbnail previews in Grid and Mosaic view are numbered
  • Patient ID is an optional parameter when calling studies directly

Bug fixes

  • Patient List - Query results now consolidate different studies for the same patient into one expandable line
  • Image Screen - Sliders now work properly in Safari
  • Image screen - Patient name is displayed when a study or series is called using the direct URL
  • config.xml has been renamed to oviyam-config.xml to make it more distinctive and differentiate it from other config files
  • config.xmI has been moved to "WEB-INF/classes/conf/" inside the WAR file from "<JBOSS_HOME>/bin/config.xml"
  • Removed log4j.jar from Oviyam distribution and instead use log4j installed with JBoss
  • Logging has been improved
  • Images are now sorted based on instance number in the DICOM tags
  • Better support for IE7

Previous version (Oviyam 0.6) - 26 December 2007

This release has taken longer than expected but I think you'll agree with me that the delay has been worth it. So as a Boxing Day special here's what's new:

We finally have a name! After going through several suggestions we now present Oviyam (IPA: ovɪyum - Tamil for art. In Tamil: ஓவியம்), Web DICOM browser. I now know the difficulties faced by parents in naming their kids. You have my sympathies (smile)

Under the hood

  • Now licensed under MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 to bring it in compliance with the dcm4che project
  • Now using Ant to create builds


  • Ground up rewrite using CSS & AJAX
  • W3C compliance
  • Single window interface - earlier versions would sometimes spawn a new window
  • Configuration option for Host name, port, AETitle & WADO port (WADO port issue pointed out by Phil)
  • Patient list slides out of view when a study or series is selected (Idea suggested by Ron Sweeney)
  • Toggle Series pane in & out of view
  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate & move back and forth between images in a series
  • Display of non-square images with proportional scaling (Issue pointed out by Jan)
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Launch Oviyam with a study/series context (Peter & Damien had asked for this.) We're using the syntax defined by Bill for Xero.

Known Bugs

  • The query results present different studies for the same patient as separate lines
  • Sliders do not work properly in Safari
  • Date picker is MIA in the query screen
  • Not tested under Safari 2.0, Internet Explorer or Opera - results are unpredictable (Firefox & Safari 3.0 are the preferred browsers for now)

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • P - toggle patient list
  • S - toggle series preview
  • G - Grid view
  • M - Mosaic view
  • L - Play images in a Loop
  • Up / Left arrow / - (minus) - move to next image in series
  • Down / Right arrow / + (plus) - move to next image in series

Previous version (Release 0.5) - 26 November 2007

Initial public release