Oviyam Installation

Current Version : Oviyam 2.8.2 - Final Release - February 21, 2022

Download Page : https://sourceforge.net/projects/dcm4che/files/Oviyam/

Installation Steps :

  1. Remove or rename the directory of the previous versions of Oviyam
  2. Download & unzip the latest version of Oviyam
  3. Copy oviyam.war to your dcm4chee server under /dcm4chee-x.xxx/server/default/deploy

For Tomcat Server:

1. Copy all jar files from "tomcat" folder into Tomcat "Lib" folder.
2. Uncomment the user roles,user names in "conf/tomcat-users.xml" file.
3. Add new user role, user name for "admin".
4. Deploy Oviyam2.war into Tomcat "webapps" folder.

4. Point your browser to http://dcm4chee_ip:8080/oviyam and login using the default credentials

5. Add AE details of the DICOM server under the settings page.

The following values are for a default dcm4chee installation:
  • AE title: DCM4CHEE
  • Host name: dcm4chee_ip or DNS Hostname
  • Port: 11112
  • WADO Port: 8080

Note :

For dcm4chee-arc-light server, the WADO context should be "SERVER-CONTEXT/aets/AETITLE/wado".

Eg. dcm4chee-arc/aets/DCM4CHEE/wado