Dump/Create/Update/Compact a DICOM directory file.


dcmdir -{acdptz} <dicomdir> [Options] [<file>..][<directory>..]


 -desc <txtfile>   specify File-set Descriptor File
 -desccs <code>    Character Set used in File-set Descriptor File("ISO_IR
                   100" = ISO Latin 1).
 -id <id>          specify File-set ID
 -uid <uid>        specify File-set UID
 -c <dicomdir>     create new directory file <dicomdir> for DICOM file-set
                   specified by file.. or directory.. arguments
 -I                encode Sequence Items with undefined length,encode with
                   explicit length by default.
 -S                encode Sequences with undefined length,encode with
                   explicit length by default.
 -V,--version      print the version information and exit
 -W <max>          limit value prompt to <maxlen> characters, by default:
 -a <dicomdir>     add references to specified files to existing directory
                   file <dicomdir>
 -d <dicomdir>     delete references to specified files from existing
                   directory file <dicomdir>
 -h,--help         print this message
 -inactive         dump also inactive records.
 -p <dicomdir>     purge records without file references from directory
                   file <dicomdir>.
 -t <dicomdir>     read directory file <dicomdir> and dump content to
 -w <max>          maximal number of characters per line, by default: 80
 -z <dicomdir>     compact existing directory file <dicomdir> by removing
                   unused entries


dicomdir -t /media/cdrom/DICOMDIR

Dumps the content of a DICOMDIR to stdout

dicomdir -c disk99/DICOMDIR -id DISK99 -desc disk99/README disk99/DICOM

Creates a new directory file with specified File-set ID and Descriptor File, referencing all DICOM Files in directory disk99/DICOM.

dicomdir -a disk99/DICOMDIR disk99/DICOM/CT1

Adds directory records referencing all DICOM files in directory disk99/DICOM/CT1 to the existing directory file.

dicomdir -d disk99/DICOMDIR disk99/DICOM/CT2

Deletes/deactivates any directory records referencing DICOM files in directory disk99/DICOM/CT2.

dicomdir -p disk99/DICOMDIR

Purges directory records with child records that do not reference any DICOM file.

dicomdir -z disk99/DICOMDIR

Compacts a DICOMDIR by removing any inactive records.