IHE Integration Statement

IHE Integration Statement
VendorProduct NameVersionDate
dcm4che.orgdcm4chee2.16.0Jan 2011
This product implements all transactions required in the IHE Technical Framework to support the IHE Integration Profiles, Actors and Options listed below:
Integration Profiles ImplementedActors ImplementedOptions Implemented
IT Infrastructure
[PAM] Patient Administration ManagementPatient Demographics ConsumerMerge
[RID] Retrieve Information for DisplayInformation SourcePersistent Document
[PIX] Patient Identifier Cross-referencingPatient Identifier Cross-reference Consumernone
[ATNA] Audit Trail and Node AuthenticationSecure ApplicationEncryption Option

[PIR] Patient Information Reconciliation

Image Manager/ArchiveMultiple Identity Resolution
[SWF] Scheduled WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[MAWF] Mammography Acquisition WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[MAMMO] Mammography ImageImage Manager/Archivenone
[IRWF] Import Reconciliation WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[XDS-I.b] Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for ImagingDocument Consumernone
[ARI] Access to Radiology InformationReport Repositorynone
[PWF] Post-Processing WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[ED] Evidence DocumentsImage Manager/Archivenone
[KIN] Key Image NoteImage Manager/Archivenone
[RWF] Reporting WorkflowImage Manager/Archivenone
[FUS] Image FusionImage Manager/Archivenone
[REM] Radiation Exposure MonitoringImage Manager/Archivenone
[SINR] Simple Image and Numeric ReportReport Repositorynone
[PDI] Portable Data for ImagingPortable Media CreatorWeb Content
[TCE] Teaching File and Clinical Trial ExportExport SelectorAdditional Teaching File Information
[CPI] Consistent Presentation of ImagesImage Manager/Archivenone
[NMI] Nuclear Medicine ImageImage Manager/Archivenone
[STRESS] Stress Testing WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[ECHO] Echocardiography WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[ED] Evidence DocumentsImage Manager/Archivenone
[ECG] Retrieve ECG for DisplayInformation SourcePersistent Document
[DRPT] Displayable ReportsEnterprise Report RepositoryEncapsulated Reports
[CATH] Cardiac Cath WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
[ECED] Eye Care Evidence DocumentsImage Manager/Archivenone
Unknown Domain

? Performed Procedure Step Manager

Multiple Identity Resolution

? Report Manager


? PPS Exception Management

? Performed Work Status Update - Receive

? Multiple Identity Resolution

? PPS Exception Management

? Intermittently Connected Modality

? Nuclear Medicine

? Eye Care WorkflowImage Manager/ArchiveAvailability of PPS-Referenced Instances
? Post-Processing Managernone

? Report Managernone

? Image Manager/Archivenone

? Delay for Reason

? Export ManagerDe-identify Pixel Data

? Remap Identifiers

? Additional Teaching File Information

? Summary of All Reports

? Summary of Radiology Reports

? Summary of Cardiology Reports

? Report RepositoryDICOM Storage

Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.a)Document Consumernone
Document Repositorynone

Document Sourcenone

Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b)Document Repositorynone
Document Sourcenone

Imaging Document Consumernone

Imaging Document SourceSet of DICOM Instances

PDF Report

? Audit Record Repositorynone

Links to Standards Conformance Statements for the Implementation

HL7Not yet written


Links to general information on IHE

In North America: www.ihe.netIn Europe: www.ihe-europe.orgIn Japan: www.jira-net.or.jp/ihe-j