Upgrade could be complex task, depending on changes in configuration files of basic dcm4chee installation.

There is root folder name change between versions 2.14.7 and 2.14.8 - it was dcm4chee-xxx-2.yy.y and now it is dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx.

Starting with 2.14.8, case sensitivity of query keys is configured in dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/server/default/conf/dcm4chee-attribute-filter.xml by an additional boolean XML attribute case-sensitive of XML elements attr, with case-sensitive="true" as default (s. DCMEE-1359@Jira). Therefore you have to adjust entries for query keys with hard coded case insensitive matching before 2.14.8 in your customized dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/server/default/conf/dcm4chee-attribute-filter.xml:

<attr tag="00100010" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Patient's Name -->
<attr tag="00080090" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Referring Physician Name -->
<attr tag="00081030" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Study Description -->
<attr tag="00080080" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Institution Name -->
<attr tag="00081010" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Station Name -->
<attr tag="0008103E" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Series Description -->
<attr tag="00081040" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Institutional Department Name -->
<attr tag="00081050" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Performing Physician Name -->
<attr seq="00400275" tag="00321032" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Requesting Physician -->
<attr seq="0040A073" tag="0040A075" case-sensitive="false"/> <!-- Verifying Observer Name -->

to preserve the case insensitivity of that matching keys when upgrading to 2.14.8.

Upgrade Procedure:
  1. Shutdown dcm4chee
  2. Extract the new version to a different folder dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx
  3. Copy files from JBoss to dcm4chee (see points 2. and 3. of Instalation Instructions)
  4. If you have installed Audit Record Repository, then install it (see point 5. of Instalation Instructions)
  5. Copy all following directories/files from old to new installation directory:
    • dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/server/default/archive (if there are your DICOM archive files)
    • dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/server/default/data/xmbean-attrs (there are MBean settings)
    • dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/server/default/deploy/pacs-*-ds.xml (if you have older version, its name may be *-ds.xml - then rename it)
    • if you have installed Audit Record Repository, then copy dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/server/default/deploy/arr-xxx-ds.xml
    • if you replaced JAI Image IO files in dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/bin/native then copy them
    • if you changed or added any other files manually, then you should merge them to their new dcm4chee versions (it may be complex task), i.e. run.bat, run.conf (changing heap memory), JavaService.exe, dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/server/default/conf/*
  6. Execute every upgrade script in the dcm4chee-2.yy.y-xxx/sql directory higher then your current version (means if you have 2.11.x execute update-2.12.xxsql, update-2.13.xxsql and update-2.14.xxsql upgrade scripts)
  7. Start dcm4chee