Media Creation

How to burn CD/DVD's

Dcm4chee only can burn a CD/DVD in two ways:

  • Exporting a study in the web interface
  • Autoburn a CD/DVD for a offline storage

Before to start

  1. Install the "cdrecord" and "mkisofs"
  2. Open the dcm4chee logs to see what's happens (tail -f server.log is a good idea)
  3. Log in the jboss console
  4. Configure "name=CDRecord,service=MediaWriter" and check that the checkDrive(), checkDisk(), etc, works (beware with the perms of the device, the user who runs the dcm4chee must have write permision!)

Now, you can burn CD/DVD's!!

Exporting a study in the web interface

  1. Log into the web interface
  2. Select the studies to burn
  3. Click to "Export selected images to Teaching Filesystem"
  4. In "Document Title" select "For media export"
  5. Click on "export"
  6. Now you are burning a CD/DVD!

Autoburn a CD/DVD for a ofline storage

  1. Log in the jboss console
  2. Configure "service=MCMScu". This service is for burn CD/DVD's with the studies that are in a range of time
  3. First, dcm4chee automatically selects the studies that you want to burn (you have configured before) and creates the media
  4. When the media is created, log into dcm4chee-web and click on "Offline Storage", you can see your medias, delete or burn
  5. The next time, the service will burn the CD/DVD's