Go to, choose Firebird 2.1.x and then choose appropriate OS version.
If you have Win32 platform and you are first-time user, then Firebird-2.1.xxxxx_Win32.exe file is recommended.


Windows 32-bit:

  • Run Firebird-2.1.xxxxx_Win32.exe and follow instructions. You need not change anything in the installation process.
  • Default is running database as service which is started automatically.

For more details and other platforms see Firebird 2 Quick Start Guide -
To install multiplatform administration tool for Firebird - see FlameRobin (

JDBC Driver

The Firebird JDBC driver is one of the ones included with the dcm4chee distributions. Feel free to update it if you need/want to.

Create the database

Initiate database user pacsdb and the pacsdb database instance using the DDL in dcm4chee-firebird-2.14.3/sql/create.fsql.

> cd <firebird installdir>/bin
> gsec -user sysdba -pass masterkey -add pacs -pw pacs
> isql
SQL> CREATE DATABASE '<data directory>/pacsdb.fdb'
CON> user 'pacs' password 'pacs';
SQL> quit;
> isql -u pacs -p pacs -i <dcm4chee installdir>/dcm4chee-firebird-2.14.3/sql/create.fsql '<data directory>/pacsdb.fdb'

On Linux, command isql may invoke the UNIX ODBC utility, and you have to use command isql-fb to invoke the firebird CL utility.

To shield the client from the physical database locations you may define aliases for the database location in the file aliases.conf. E.g.:

pacsdb.fdb = <data directory>/pacsdb.fdb
pacsdb = <data directory>/pacsdb.fdb

If the local protocol isn't working properly on your machine or if you want to access the database remotely, putting 'localhost:' before your database path or alias turns them into TCP/IP connection strings.

For more details see Firebird 2 Quick Start Guide:

Adjust DB configuration

The database configuration information is contained within dcm4chee-firebird-2.14.3/server/default/deploy/pacs-firebird-ds.xml. You'll need to update this file to specify the database location path or database alias; or if you're using a different database name, user name, etc., .