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DICOM Security Service. Performs JAAS login with user information provided in the Association Request or AE configuration for the calling AE and make returned information about user roles ( available for invoked DICOM services by association property "user".




Name of security domain specified in conf/login-config.xml, which defines authentication parameters and roles associated to user names.

Default Value: dcm4chee-dicom


Defines if Association Request w/o User Identity information from remote AEs with no default User Identity specified by the AE configuration shall be rejected!

Default Value: false


Default user name associated with an Assocation, if no User Identity information is provided neither in the Assocation Request nor in the AE configuration for the Calling AE.
Only effective if #RejectIfNoUserIdentity is false.
Use '-' (hypen) for specifying no default User ID. Then no will be associated with the association in that case.

Default Value: -


Password for user specified in #DefaultUserID.
Only effective if #DefaultUserID is not '-' and #RejectIfNoUserIdentity is false.
Use '-' (hypen) for no password.

Default Value: -


The class name of the MBean


The status of the MBean


The status of the MBean in text form



get UserIdentityNegotiator

isValid(userID, password, subject)

Validate password for user and populate subject


Standard MBean lifecycle method


The start lifecycle operation


The stop lifecycle operation


The destroy lifecycle operation


The detyped lifecycle operation (for internal use only)


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