Modality Performed Procedure Step Emulator


Modality Performed Procedure Step Emulator. Emulates MPPS messages from objects received from modalities without MPPS support, which are processed by the Modality Performed Procedure Step SCP in the same manner as MPPS messages received from Modalities with MPPS support.

The simulation is done through the configuration of a timeout/delay. If no further object is received for a series after a time period passes from when the first object for the series was received, the emulator assumes that the series is done and it generates an MPPS message for the series. Generally, you configure the timeout/delay so that it is long enough that all series are received completely and only one MPPS message is generated for one stored study. If another series is received after the MPPS message is generated, a second message is sent for the additional series. Each message sends an N-Create and N-Set completed.

You can set up the MPPS Emulator to forward MPPS messages to the RIS as well, using the CalledAETitle value. RIS system s are generally configured to accept MPPS messages, and then forward those MPPS messages to the PACS. Therefore the emulated MPPS messages can be sent to the RIS, which will then forward them back to archive.

Emulate Modality Performed Procedure Step




AE titles of modalities for which MPPS messages shall be emulated. Multiple AE titles are separated by new line. For each AE title, a minimum delay time between the time the last object of a study is received and the generation of the MPPS message can be explicit specified. If no delay is specified, a default delay of 5 minutes is used.


aeTitles = ( aeTitle [ ':' delay ] EOL )+
delay = integer ('s' | 'm')  (* in seconds or minutes *)

Default Value: MOD_AET:3m


Interval for polling for newly received series from modalities you configured by #ModalityAETitles.


interval = (integer ('s' | 'm')) (* in seconds or minutes *)
           | 'NEVER'             (* disable MPPS emulation *)

Default Value: NEVER


AE title of the MPPS SCP, to which the emulated MPPS messages shall be sent. You can set this value to the RIS AE title if you are forwarding MPPS messages to the RIS, which can then forward them back to the archive.

Default Value: DCM4CHEE


Used internally. Do not modify.

Default Value: dcm4chee.archive:service=MPPSScu


Used internally. Do NOT modify.

Default Value: dcm4chee.archive:service=Scheduler


The timer ID for scheduler of checking series without MPPS.

Default Value: CheckSeriesWithoutMPPS


The class name of the MBean


The status of the MBean


The status of the MBean in text form



Standard MBean lifecycle method


The start lifecycle operation


The stop lifecycle operation


The destroy lifecycle operation


The detyped lifecycle operation (for internal use only)


Emulate MPPS messages for newly received series from the stations or modalities specified by the attribute #ModalityAETitles. Returns the number of successfully created MPPS instances at the MPPS SCP specified by attribute #CalledAETitle.